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agosto 31, 2017

Healthy Eating Habits for Little Ones

Lunchtime is the best opportunity for parents to provide proper nourishment to their children while teaching them good dietary habits. Early childhood is a crucial window […]
septiembre 1, 2017

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Children Need?

Irritability, tantrums, bad moods and sometimes even unexplained crying fits tend to be some of the symptoms parents can readily identify as: lack of sleep.  The […]
septiembre 5, 2017

From Dull and Boring to Fun and Entertaining: How to Turn Reading into a Stimulating Activity

A lot is said about the importance of reading and the need for developing reading habits during childhood.  However, approaching this activity in a negative or […]
septiembre 7, 2017

Summer Vacations are Over: 6 Back-to-School Tips

Returning to classes can be an unsettling time for parents and students alike, but preparation is the best recipe for dealing with this phase.  Several studies […]
septiembre 10, 2017

Sports and More Sports: A Guide to Recommended Physical Activities for Children

According to WHO statistics, physical inactivity is a world public health problem, warning that 80 percent of adolescents are not active enough.  Such statistics can be […]
septiembre 19, 2017

Ready, Set, Go! Supporting Executive Function Skills at Home

By Jackie Wyncoll, Learning Support Coordinator Part of “Learning and Leading” Series – Special Education   Our students are back at school, learning is underway, schedules […]